Currency Retailing

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Your members can get more of your
currency, whenever they need it

Loyalty program members earn your points and miles when they’re traveling—but what about the majority of the time, when they aren't? With our suite of currency retailing solutions, you can enable members to earn your currency at any stage of the loyalty lifecycle. Selling your currency provides you with steady revenue through fluctuations in travel habits and drives member engagement, with campaign conversion rates reaching upwards of 20%.


Start selling with no setup cost

Our turnkey, customizable solutions can be implemented in any channel from inline booking path to call centre, and on any device. We build, maintain, and enhance your solutions at no cost, including translation into 35+ languages, and support for 50 currencies.

Generate guaranteed revenue

We’ve spent 20 years proving to loyalty programs that there’s a greater demand for your currency than you know. We'll support your program to ensure its success with full-service marketing, including data-driven promotions and post-campaign analysis.

Engage members long-term

Revenue is just the beginning. Members who buy currency are statistically proven to have better long-term member engagement: they complete more total transactions with your brand, as well as both earn and redeem more currency over their customer lifetime.

Members who buy currency have a higher lifetime value

49% purchase more than once
Stay active 5 years longer
Redeem 6-10 more times

Currency retailing solutions
from Points


Let members buy your currency at any point in their loyalty lifecycle. Whether they’re stocking up for the future or topping up to reach an immediate reward, buying points and miles gives your members more of what they want.

  • Sell via white-labeled storefront
  • Enable top up in your booking flow
  • Let agents sell through your call centre
  • Full marketing and promotional support


The gift of loyalty currency is the gift of travel. Let your members give their loved ones a meaningful gift to celebrate a milestone, help them out in a pinch, or move them closer to the trip of their dreams.

  • Sell via dedicated gift storefront
  • Full marketing and promotional support


Accelerator invites members to multiply the currency they earn in your program. For a fee, they can boost the currency they earn on flight and hotel stays, credit card spend, retail, and more.

  • Enable members to earn faster
  • Choose your boostable earn categories
  • Multiply in advance or retroactively
  • Multiply by any factor (2x, 3x, etc.)

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