Currency Utility

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Complement your accrual and redemption products with solutions built to increase your currency’s value and flexibility. Give members the ability to do more with their points and miles: transfer them to friends and family, achieve a higher tier status, prevent expiry, or exchange them for other loyalty currencies. Points’ currency utility products drive +1.3 million transactions annually.

Currency utility solutions
from Points


Exchange enables members to move currency between programs seamlessly, in real time.

  • Choose your Exchange partners and rates
  • Points manages validation and transactions
  • Best-in-class fraud and risk management
  • Host your Exchange solution online or in-app converting UX


Give your program members the option to transfer their currency to someone else.

  • Let family and friends share their currency
  • Useful for gift giving or urgent travel needs

Reinstate & Extend

Re-deposit expired currency into accounts, or extend the date of about-to-expire currency.

  • Reinstate expired points/miles into member accounts
  • Extend currency expiration date for a fee
  • Members don’t have to lose their currency


Offer your members the ability to buy the tier points/miles that determine elite status.

  • Engage valuable high-status members
  • Members can stay elite even if they travel less
  • Offer status upgrades for purchase

Give your members more options

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