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Asiana Airlines Asiana Club

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Asiana Airlines, named airline of the year in 2010 at the World Airline Awards, hosts the Asiana Club for their frequent flyers. Asiana Club members earn miles towards free travel when they fly with Asiana Airlines or their Star Alliance partners. The Asiana Club has four levels of membership, starting with Gold (earn 20,000 miles or more in two years) and ranging to Platinum (earn 1,000,000 miles or more). Asiana Club miles can be redeemed for flights and flight upgrades on Asiana Airlines and partner airlines. Asiana Club also has a unique program for young frequent flyers: Magic Miles. Junior frequent flyers can earn 75% of the value of basic mileage when they fly with Asiana Airlines or their partners.

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Get the full picture by tracking all of your loyalty program balances, all in one place. Track your Asiana Club balance in your Loyalty Wallet and be alerted of any bonus points, earn opportunities and promotions.

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