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Here’s a standing ovation for theatergoers across the nation: Audience Rewards®, the Official Rewards Program of Broadway and the Arts™. Save money by redeeming points to see the shows you love or, even better, securing unique experiences and merchandise exclusively curated for Audience Rewards members. And because theatre lovers reside across the nation, we offer ways to engage in multiple cities. Start now to earn Points that Perform™!

track your balances

track your balances.
Get the full picture by tracking all of your loyalty program balances, all in one place. Track your Audience Rewards ShowPoints balance in your Loyalty Wallet and be alerted of any bonus points, earn opportunities and promotions.

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Get what you're looking for by trading points, miles and rewards with other people on Points.com. You can trade between Audience Rewards and these programs:

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Build up your Audience Rewards ShowPoints faster by adding points, miles, and rewards from other programs. Please note: Your Audience Rewards balance shows only those ShowPoints that can be exchanged. A minimum of 2,500 points is required per exchange, up to 50,000 points per calendar year.

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Check out these special offers for more Audience Rewards ShowPoints earning opportunities to get the most out of your membership.

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Keep your Audience Rewards ShowPoints from expiring by earning at least 1 point every 12 months.