Diners Club® Club Rewards®

Diners Club® Club Rewards®

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Diners Club®'s Club Rewards® allows Cardmembers to earn and exchange Club Rewards® points for miles on 19+ airlines, flat screen TVs, gourmet goods, adventure travel experiences, financial services and gift certificate from dozens of stores, restaurants and hotels. Diners Club® Cardmembers earn 1 Club Rewards® point for every dollar that they charge to their Diners Club® credit card, and there is no limit to the amount of points that can be earned.

track your balances

track your balances.
Get the full picture by tracking all of your loyalty program balances, all in one place. Track your Diners Club® Club Rewards® balance in your Loyalty Wallet and be alerted of any bonus points, earn opportunities and promotions.

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Check out these Club Rewards® special features for even more ways to the most out of your membership.

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