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The Alfursan program gives Saudi Arabian Airlines’ frequent flyers access to a wide range of benefits designed to make their travels even more rewarding. As an Alfursan member not only will you earn Reward Miles for each flight you take with Saudi Arabian Airlines, you will also receive an excess luggage allowance, personalized luggage tags and priority wait listing. Alfursan reward miles can also be earned with Saudi Arabian Airline’s partners. There are three levels of Alfursan membership, each level with its own benefits and services. When you’re ready, your Alfursan reward miles can be redeemed for free flights and upgrades on Saudi Arabian Airlines.

track your balances

track your balances.
Get the full picture by tracking all of your loyalty program balances, all in one place. Track your Alfursan Reward Miles balance in your Loyalty Wallet and be alerted of any bonus points, earn opportunities and promotions.

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trade with other people.
Get what you're looking for by trading points, miles, and rewards with other people on You can trade between Alfursan Reward Miles and these programs:

buy from your program.
Close the gap to your goal by buying the Alfursan Reward Miles you need with your credit card.

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give to someone you love.
Alfursan Reward Miles can make the perfect gift to mark a special occasion. Note: You will be prompted to login. Then to buy, click on Buy, Gift Transfer in the left navigation menu, then click Gift Miles and follow the prompts.

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Check out these special offers for more Alfursan Reward Mile earning opportunities to get the most out of your membership.

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