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The STOUFFER'S® Dinner Club rewards loyal STOUFFER'S® frozen meal customers. If you can't get enough of STOUFFER'S® Shrimp Scampini, Five Cheese Lasagna, or classic mac and cheese, then this is the program for you! To begin collecting STOUFFER'S® Dinner Club rewards, look for the specially marked packages of STOUFFER'S® single-serve meals. You'll find a unique 12-digit code inside every specially-marked package of STOUFFER'S® single-serve meals. Once you finish chowing down your delicious STOUFFER'S® meal, enter your code at the STOUFFER'S® Dinner Club site, and you'll receive 20 Dinner Club points! Once you save enough points, you can use your points to redeem for items in STOUFFER'S® Rewards Catalog.

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Get the full picture by tracking all of your loyalty program balances, all in one place. Track your STOUFFER'S® Dinner Club balance in your Loyalty Wallet and be alerted of any bonus points, earn opportunities and promotions.

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Be sure to log in to your STOUFFER'S® Dinner Club account at least once every 120 days (or 3 months) to keep your membership (and your points) active.