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Your points and miles are valuable, and so is your time. Our tools are designed to make it easy for you to get the most from your loyalty programs. Whether you want to GET MORE into one balance or MOVE FROM another balance, our TRADE, EXCHANGE, and BUY features let you be in control of your miles, points, and rewards.


Your balances.

With over 100 loyalty programs to track, all of your latest balances and account numbers are here at your fingertips.

Earn opportunities.

We know you love the chance to earn even more rewards. At Points.com you can find opportunities to earn from all of your favorite programs, we'll share secrets we know, and even gather other great tips from all over the web. Find them all in one convenient spot!

Post an earn opportunity.

When you find a great deal, let everyone else know! You can post tips and opportunities to help others earn even more.

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trade, exchange & buy

Trade with other people.

Get the points, miles and rewards you're looking for by trading with hundreds of other people on Points.com. Post your own trade or accept someone else's to get what you need.

Exchange between your programs.

Grow your favorite balance faster by moving points, miles and rewards from one of your accounts into another.

Buy from your program.

Close the gap to your goal by purchasing points, miles and rewards directly from your program.

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give & redeem

Give to someone you love.

Points, miles, and rewards are worth sharing, whether it's for your own family trip or as a special gift.

Redeem for what you want most.

Whenever you're ready to use your points, miles and rewards, Points.com lets you redeem for gift cards to hundreds of great retailers.

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