All your loyalty programs in one place

What can the Points Loyalty Wallet do for me?

The Points Loyalty Wallet puts all your loyalty programs in one place making it easy to Track, Exchange and Redeem your points, miles and rewards from many of the world's largest programs. From airline frequent flyer miles to hotel points, credit card rewards to gas and drugstore cards, the Points Loyalty Wallet makes loyalty programs work better for you.

Track your points and miles

See all of your balances at a glance, with a single login. Add programs to your wallet by entering your account information, and we’ll show you all of your balances, updated in real time. Currently, you can track nearly 100 programs!

  • Real-time updates, every time you sign in
  • Bank-level security keeps your information safe
  • Take your wallet anywhere on your phone or tablet

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Redeem points and miles for gift cards

You can redeem your loyalty points and miles for more than just travel! Use your wallet to reward yourself with shopping, dining and entertainment gift cards from retailers like Target, Macy’s, The Home Depot, Chili’s, Chevron and many more.

  • Gift cards start at just 5,000 points or miles
  • More options and offers to reward yourself — and others
  • 100+ gift cards available from your favorite retailers

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Exchange between your programs

Exchange allows you to convert points or miles from one of your loyalty programs to another. Build up your favorite balances faster by using your wallet to move points and miles between your loyalty programs, with no added fees. Take a look around your loyalty wallet — you might be a quick swap or two away from your next reward.

  • Boost your favorite program's balance closer to a reward
  • Convert points or miles to save them from expiring
  • Put idle points and miles to use in a different program

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Ready to start getting more from your loyalty programs?