Loyalty Currency Retailing

Enable your members to purchase points/miles wherever they are in their loyalty journey.
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Increase revenue & engagement

Boost member engagement and lifetime value

Drive immediate guaranteed revenue for your loyalty program

Enhance program utility with no setup and maintenance fees

Members who buy points/miles

+26% more
Earn 59% more
Stay active
5 years longer

More ways to get & use your currency

Wherever your members are in their loyalty journey, enhance their experience with products designed to help them Get, Move, and Keep their currency at every touchpoint.


Drive revenue by enabling members to Buy, Accelerate or Top-Up points/miles for immediate or future bookings, upgrades, and Elite status.

  • Buy
  • Accelerate
  • Top-Up
  • Elite


Increase currency utility by giving members the opportunity to Gift, Transfer or Exchange their points/miles.

  • Gift
  • Transfer
  • Exchange


Re-engage inactive members with products that Reinstate or Extend expiring currency.

  • Reinstate
  • Extend

Create more value for your currency

Get the benefits of Loyalty Currency Retailing working for you

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